Graffiti Coloring Book 2 - Characters

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Characters are the most easily accessible and popular site for graffiti culture. These are the figures that stand beside and pay attention to the name of the graffiti painter. In Graffiti Coloring Book 2: Characters, the characters are given the lead role.
Here are motifs of the world's leading graffiti painters. Cuddly b-boys and b-girls with athletic bodies, spray cans and boomboxes; comic characters with clear features of jokes and realistic portraits. Everyone is waiting for them to be colored.
In the graffiti culture, the black and white drawing is both a model for a graffiti painting and a work of art in its own right. In the same way, the book is both a toy and an art historical document.
Among the world-renowned graffiti painters in this book are Swedes Dwane, Gone, Gauge and Ikaros represented, alongside Americans like T-Kid, Revolt and Wane.