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Co-produced by Hermitude and Countbounce, Smokey’s Haunt is an incredibly produced album of storytelling, flow and melody. Urthboy is at his peak, weaving tales of the city with his past and present; celebrating life with a collection of songs balanced by the tension of light and darkness. The album should be experienced whole: Smokey’s Haunt is a meeting place of moods that are complete when connected together. The album comes with a 28 page booklet and triple panel digipack.

CD release.

It’s the follow-up album to Spitshine and The Signal, both finalists in the Australian Music Prize. Spitshine won the Australian Independent Award for Best Urban Album; The Signal was nominated for a J Award.

The guests on the record all bring a vitality to their songs. Alex Burnett’s soaring beauty in The Big Sleep is a showstopper; Bobby Flynn’s haunting comfort in Hey Dianne is unforgettable and long-time collaborators Jane Tyrrell and Mark Pearl (Texture Like Sun) are stunning. There are only a few rappers guesting: the legendary Delta shows why he’s a king in the local scene; while young guns Solo and Jimblah both deliver the greats.