The Original Bingo Club - Little Paul/Crystal Needles

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Whale Watch Records is proud to present the debut 7” of The Original Bingo Club.

Based in Brooklyn and Paris, The Original Bingo Club is an international collective of audiovisual artists on axis around multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and filmmaker Martin Rousselot.

To say that The Original Bingo Club is a band or a team or a traveling circus is misleading. Theconstituency is always in motion, evolving to the rhythm of whatever faces, ideas, andenvirons surround it. The summery, surf-inspired atmospheres that reverberate from this 7”s two tracks are easygoing but tinged with melancholy: equally suited for a midnight peacepipe or a Coney Island carousel. Above all The Original Bingo Club is anchored in honesty, both to its respective selves and to its communal aspirations.