THE LAST SKEPTIK - This Is Where It Gets Good

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Arriving in a hail of concussion-inducing drums, waved synths and an orchestra of live musicians, This Is Where It Gets Good is the painfully honest, highly cinematic, sophomore solo project from producer The Last Skeptik. Navigating a dark, twisted journey through surviving in London, battling with mental health problems and coming out the other side, its all here on this soundtrack to a movie that hasn’t yet been made. This is electronic music at its most raw and emotional, with undeniable inspiration from classic records by Unkle and Cinematic Orchestra, with the root in Skeptik’s hip-hop upbringing. 


Featuring guest appearances from man of the moment Kojey Radical, grime pioneer Trim, the Chase and Status collaborator Takura, upcoming pop star Matt Wills and many more, the talented vocalists narrate this beautifully produced and entirely engulfing album. 


Opening with the haunting Death featuring Bjork-esque vocals from Caragh Campbell, the morbid title signifies a new beginning, punctuated with the rousing, entirely live Don’t Forget as remembrance of the darkness that came before it. 


The future-classic single Trouble is a marching ode to the aggression and hunger that keeps us alive throughout the struggles we face, with Takura’s chilling vocals and Kojey Radical’s etherial fire creating something truly magical. The incredible singer Matt Wills laces four songs on the album with his trademark charm, with the beefy J Dilla drums and muted keys of Keep It Simple being an outstanding highlight. 


The album is punctuated with recordings from touring around the world, from a rooftop in Jodhpur, India to a beach in Colombia and a train in Japan. The daily background bustle and breeze so there’s limited silence in between songs. It’s all about taking this transformative, and at times turbulent journey with Skeptik. 


Released on his own Thanks For Trying Records imprint, this is an entirely independent release. 




released September 29, 2017 


Produced & Recorded by The Last Skeptik 

Mixed and Mastered by Tumai ‘Turkish’ Salih & The Last Skeptik