SEVEN SIX & ELOQUOR - The Stronger The Wind The Stronger The Tree

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Orange Translucent Vinyl LP 

The anticipated 10 track album from Seven Six & Eloquor

- Orange Translucent Vinyl
- Gatefold Cover
- full Lyrics
- Cover Art by Andrew Boyle & Seven Six
- Mixed & Mastered by Phil Gektor and Joe Carra

1. Fun N Games
2. Brave New World ft. Tessadevlin
3. Other Side Ft. Ginger Van Handley
4. All In Mah Head
5. Nowhere ft. Sierra Pelsoczy
6. Longevity ft. Dialectrix, Scotty Hinds, Serocee, Nelson Dialect, N'fa Jones & Bias B
7. All In Time ft. Demi Rose
8. Windmills
9. A Good Friend
10. Space Ship