MONTANA | METAL PRIMER [instore sales only]

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The Montana METAL PRIMER is the perfect tool for the job when you want to create a neutral surface of which to apply further coatings onto metal surfaces. With anti-oxidation properties to help resist the onset of rust, the METAL PRIMER has a matt finish and gives your metal project the longest possible lifespan, with the highest aesthetic results. Applying METAL PRIMER to your artwork or D.I.Y project will create the best possible adhesion and protection for further coatings like Montana GOLD, Montana BLACK or Montana WHITE range colors. The METAL PRIMER will also provide further protection against scratching and denting. The METAL PRIMER was developed for optimal pre-treatment of metal (Iron or brass) and mineral surfaces. Ensuring that your surface is clean, dry and free of all dust and oils before application will ensure that your Montana METAL PRIMER provides the ultimate base for further coatings. Further coating is possible with the Montana TECH, and Montana Cans color ranges. Smooth, even application is effortless thanks to the Montana FLAT JET CAP Medium, that comes standard on the can. For further application caps, why not try the FLAT JET WIDE, the FAT CAP GOLD/BLACK or any of the Montana LEVEL 1-3 caps. It is important to allow complete curing of the METAL PRIMER (24 hours or more), before applying further coatings. We suggest trialing on a non-visible area of your material to test for compatibility. Please note the Metal Primer unsuitable for priming aluminum.

USE: Apply primer in several thin layers spraying before the previous coat is fully dry, but with 1 or 2 minutes between each pass. Further coats might require a drying time of 24 hours or more depending on substrate. Always test spray on a non-visible area to check compatibility of lacquer or paint. For optimal lifespan, store cans always with the nozzle on.