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This book documents a selection of Melbourne graffiti (mainly tracksides) between mid 80s to late 2010s. With 1400 colour photos the book is organised alphabetically by artist name. No stories, writeups, just flicks, with only 200 copies published. Available exclusively to Union Heights. 

The author describes the book as follows: 

Starting in the mid/late 80s, armed with a disposable 35mm camera and no photography skills I started documenting the graffiti around my area. Over time I extended my travels and eventually travelled around all of the suburban lines across Melbourne.

Over the years I have lived on the Lilydale/Belgrave, Pakenham, Broadmeadows and Frankston lines and continued taking photos, upgrading from disposable 35mm cameras to a very basic 35mm camera, the Canon SLR 35mm camera in 2000. In 2004 I purchased a Kodak 3.2mb digital camera and from 2012 I have being using various Samsung smart phones. The quality of both my cameras and photos have improved slowly over time.

I have attempted to include as many writers as possible in this book - Melbourne locals, interstate and international visitors, and have trled to use photos that haven't been seen a thousand times before! By no means am I claiming that this is a full list of Melbourne writers, just some that I have collected over the years. Apologies if any of this information included is incorrect, some of these photos were taken over 35 years ago and while I believe most them are correct, I'm sure that a few mistakes may have slipped through.

Hopefully this book brings back memories of a time when graffiti in Melbourne was at it's peak and that there few photos which haven't been seen before. I still enjoy going out and looking at graffiti, especially the non-legal Over the years I have met a lot of amazing artists, been accused of being an undercover cop, been chased by tra PSOs and ticket inspectors, questioned by police and had numerous near misses with trains. It's all part of the g In a way I'm still the same kid with a camera, out exploring Melbourne and taking photos of what I find.

288 PAGES, Hardcover bound, the book blocks have been PUR bound.