ICEROCKS - Bunker Beats (2LP)

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 A collection of instrumentals by Queensproducer Ice Rocks, classic tunes rocked by the likes of Mayhem Lauren, Benny, Conway,Madhattan and Spit Gemz among others

A1. IceRocks - Intro
A2. Meyhem Lauren - Guns In The Playpen
A3. DXA - I Get Up
A4. IceRocks - Maniac 
A5. Blabbermouf - Turn It Up
A6. Meyhem Lauren - Critical Thinking
A7. Life Check Remix
A8. DXA - Progression 
A9. Eastkoast - The Ave
A10. IceRocks - Mistaken Identity
A11. Triple Double - Mama Always Said 
B1. Too Deep - Represent Queens 
B2. DXA - All The Mc's Part 1 
B3. DXA - All The Mc's Part 2 
B4. TRAC - Stay True
B5. Eastkoast - Laser Beam Profits
B6. IceRocks - Soul In The City 
B7. Eastkoast - Tango & Cash 
B8. DXA - Welcome Back 
B9. Spit Gemz - El Estudiante 
B10. DXA Move Wit It, Rock Wit It Remix feat Lu...Rreals 
C1. Starker - Lemonade
C2. Al Boges - Outroism
C3. Dolo Boat - Curfew feat Conway 
C4. Does Bros - Knowhere 
C5. Ren Thomas - Showdown 
C6. SicWitDaPen - That Real
C7. Meyhem Lauren - Flexxin 
C8. SicWitDaPen - The One 
C9. Al Boges - Ice Cold feat Meyhem Lauren 
C10. Firewater Remix
D1. XP - No Doubt Son feat Madhattan 
D2. SicWitDaPen - Hoodie Rap 
D3. Benny The Butcher - Don't Make Me
D4. SicWitDaPen - Recognize
D5. Duffel Bag Hottie - Crenshaw feat Jonezy 
D6. Madhattan - High Noon 
D7. Skrewtape - Sell It For Two 
D8. Dirty Llingo - Helicopters 
D9. Dirty Llingo - It Get Ruffa Remix feat DXA