Children Of Zeus x Black Milk / Tall Black Guy x Allysha Joy - Won't End Well / Sip Of You

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Low Key Source drops a limited edition AA side 7 inch vinyl release featuring tracks by Tall Black Guy x Allysha Joy and Children Of Zeus x Black Milk.

Tall Black Guy’s production for “Sip Of You” has it’s feet firmly planted in the golden era but all the while still managing to sound futuristic and of the moment. Allysha Joy laces the jazz influenced production effortlessly with her own signature soulful vocals, pulling the listener gently in.

On "Won’t End Well" Manchester's Children Of Zeus depicts a neighbourhood entranced by drugs and how good kids seduced by this way of life learn how to become a part of the cycle despite the advice of their parents knowing it won’t end well. Black Milk’s hard kick and crisp snare mimic the darkness surrounding this type of environment in a predatory and cunning manor.