DEF WISH CAST - Knights Of The Underground Table

10th Mar 2022

DEF WISH CAST - Knights Of The Underground Table

2LP BLACK VINYL - available instore Friday 11th March 2022

Knights of the underground table rise!

Celebrating 30 years since its inception, Milesago are proud to present the iconic debut album from Western Sydney’s - Def Wish Cast.
Recorded in a suburban studio on the lands of the Darug people, the legendary “Knights Of The Underground Table” first saw light in 1993, and was sold via underground networks to a legion of cult like fans both here and abroad. The impact and intensity this album had within Australia amongst the hip hop community can never be overshadowed, and KOTUT still resonates today with fans ferociously as it did upon release.

This truly monumental landmark of Australian music has been crying out for a vinyl press since it was stamped to CD and laid to tape all those years ago. Original copies of both formats rarely surface and are generally locked away due to the scarcity, making the sounds within rarely heard over these past 20+ years. It's now time to change all of that and drop this 15 tracker for the first time ever on wax.

The team at Milesago have gone all out to deliver a product worthy of such a special celebration. Pressed on a double 12” at 45rpm to capture the highest dynamic sound and stamping the jams to virgin 140 gram vinyl, we wanted to bring out the best audio quality possible across all 4 platters. This process heavily involved the mastering duo of Khesrow & Blunted Stylus for K-Rasta Studio, who meticulously worked over the original recorded audio source from the raw vintage recording. Finally KOTUT can be enjoyed on turntables far & wide for eons to come.

Cover art was conceived and executed by Hams @ Milestone Workshop and graces a board gatefold with UV varnish finish utilising official blueprints from the Sydney “State Rail Authority” network rail line map of the era. The gatefold also includes contributions from 2 Sydney icons with original photography provided by Marcelo Pena, and extensive historical liner notes from Blaze aka Idiot Proof.

Catalog: MLP001
Format: 2xLP Album
Series: OZ 45 Archive

- Classic Black Vinyl version
- First time on vinyl
- 140gram weight vinyl
- 45rpm pressing speed
- Gatefold Cover with UV Varnish
- Remastered by K-Rasta Mastering
- Artwork by Hams @ Milestone Workshop