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Beemixes is the result of local producers requesting the honour to remix classic Bias B tracks and add their own flavour to some of the most memorable Hip Hop tracks to come out of this country. The final product is another classic release that once again maintains Bias' legendary status and is a must have for all Bias B fans.

Keep It Movin' (Nodfather Remix)
Changin' (Rearranged Remix) (Feat. Muph)
Thik Twice (Retaliation Remix)
Wordem Up (Reslapped Remix) (Feat. Bigfoot)
Killin It (Rebooted Remix) (Feat. Lazy Grey)
Pervert (Pimp Remix) (Feat. Bigfoot And Dazastah)
Catch Of The Day (Rebaited Remix) (Feat. The Tongue And Ciecmate)
The Rippa' (Rorted Remix)
Fire Up (Refried Remix) (Feat. Burna)
Shit Hot (Diarremix)
Ladies Man (Restudded Remix) (Feat. Miss Brown)
Hit It Some More (Retouched Remix)
Kings And Toys (Royal Remix)
Move On The Pavement (Repaved Remix) (Feat. Lazy Grey And Bigfoot)