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Emerging from the studio in a smoky haze; Kogz, Mouf, Rafle and Shaker introduce their first collaborative album: SMOG. 
Emcee's Mouf (Known Associates, BTE) and Kogz (Perth, TPW) join forces with Perth producers
Mat Rafle and Rob Shaker (SBX) to create a unique sound infusing their experiences and individual styles together with masterful wordplay and deftly constructed beats.

With solid guest appearances from 1/6; Azmatic, Ciecmate, Cheap Sober, Complete, Gutz, Inveigh Slang, Mortar, Optamus, Sever &Walter Washington Jr this release is big. SMOG isn't for the weak of heart; as Kogz so eloquently expresses on Real Rec Raw “I don't water down shit kid, cope with it.” SMOG has an impressive eclectic mixture of songs, with content that tackles a wide spectrum of themes; dark, raw and sometimes comical; from honest recollections of haunting pasts on Rats Rats to beef with shit talkers on the internet on Spiders. All songs have been recorded, mixed and mastered by Rob Shaker at Shakedown Studios in Perth

1. The Swamp
2. Dippin
3. Real Rec Raw
4. All That I Have feat. 1/6 & Gutz
5. No Man's Land
6. Spiders On The Web
7. Realm
8. Sleep Walkers feat. Cheap Sober
9. The Outcome feat. Ciecmate & Optamus
10. On The Run
11. Frenemy
12. Edulretni
13. What's Real
14. Rat Rats
15. The Kingdom (Feat Azmatik, Omac, Tomahawk, Complete, Mortar, Sever, Inveigh Slang & Walter Washington Jnr)
16. Block It Out
17. What I See feat Azmatik
18. Duck Down
19. The Pollution Is Here To Stay