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It’s no secret that Melbourne boutique hip hop label Crate Cartel have been putting out some of the purist hip hop music in Australia for years now. Having the deepest respect for the genre’s roots, the Cartel is conscientiously on point when adhering to age-old principals and legacies. None demonstrates this dedication to the movement more than Fluent Form, possessing all the background knowledge, experience and sensitivity required. Flu is the A-grade emcee, and what he has produced with new album Flu Season is no less than top-shelf hip hop. As Fluent Form has matured, so too has his music. With a certain bravery, his new material contains more sensitivity both tonally and lyrically than displayed on previous albums Word Merchant (2011) and The Furnace (2009). Known in the past for his aggressive execution, the Melbourne emcee has redefined his stylistic approach in the hope that “it gives the listener an opportunity to digest everything I’m saying.” Ever the contrarian, upon every listen Flu’s cryptic word play uncovers truth after truth for those who choose to hear it. Lyrical themes range from braggadocio tracks, displaying wordplay at its very best, to highly creative conceptual tracks, which seek to examine the world outside of first person. Guests on the album include Geko, Pang Productions’ 1/6, Mata & Must, as well as American cohorts One Be Lo and Has-Lo, while production credits go to Must Volkoff, Geko, Discourse and L’Orange.